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Children with Hydrocephalus are the toughest people we have found so far, and we have made it our mission to use our company as a vehicle to improve their lives.

In early 2015, I learned that my daughter Lucy (born Feb 2015) has Hydrocephalus (along with craniosynostosis), a condition in which fluid builds in the brain, and is only treated with brain surgery. In just the first year and a half of her life, she had undergone 3 brain surgeries and 7 hospital stays with more likely in her future.

Lucy is tough. Every child I’ve met with this condition is tough.

Unfortunately, there is little funding for research in this area. People with Hydrocephalus are fitted with a shunt, which is a pump-like device in their brain. Nearly 100% of shunts fail within 10 years, which means additional brain surgery to revise the shunt when it fails. Many sufferers have had 20 or more brain surgeries.

I am selfish. I want to raise as much money as possible so one day my daughter may have a better option. Using Locust Cider, we can make a difference.



There are 3 ways you can help:

  1. BUY OUR CIDER. A portion of sales from our cans go to the Hydrocephalus Association. Look for them in a store near you.
  2. JOIN THE SWARM CLUB. For every new club membership, we donate $10 to the Hydrocephalus Association. The rest will go towards new packaging highlighting our donation for every can sold.
  3. JOIN OUR TEAMS as we walk to end hydrocephalus in SEATTLE, DALLAS/FORT WORTH, and DENVER. SIGN UP or DONATE directly to the Hydrocephalus Association through our SEATTLE WALK, DFW WALK, or DENVER WALK Locust Cider Team pages or on the national website.

Please join us in this cause. We are building our business around it, and nothing in the world is more important to me.

Jason Spears, founder of Locust Cider