Locust Cider, founded in 2015 by brothers Jason and Patrick Spears, started in Washington specializing in modern ciders.


Our goal is to make ciders that don’t just make you say “Yum, that’s good”. We want to make you say “Hell yeah, that’s amazing!” We are not beholden to tradition, but we respect it. We love nurturing unique apple varieties to deliver the best traditional dry ciders possible. But we also love getting crazy and using the common Washington eating apple as a vehicle to create flavor combinations that make you say "Hell Yeah!" We'll try anything, as long as it's with REAL ingredients, not flavorings or artificial sweeteners. Our taprooms are the perfect testing grounds for flavor combinations that nobody would dare try out in a can for the first time- like Smoked Blueberry, Dates and Brown Sugar, or Vanilla Bean ciders. We want to open the world of cider for you to explore and try to make ciders across the spectrum.


Check out our cideries & taprooms in Washington, Texas, and Colorado and look for our cans throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, California, Florida, Texas, and Alaska. We also ship to almost every state with more to come soon!

But we're not
just about the

A portion of proceeds for all cans as well as our club The Swarm are donated to the Hydrocephalus Association, an important and personal cause to owners Jason and Rebecca Spears whose daughter lives with the incurable brain condition.
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Why "Locust"

As a teenager, our founder, Jason Spears, had a life changing moment after a near death experience. While waiting for an ambulance, Jason heard the drone of the locusts in the background. This sound became a symbol of strength, perseverance, and calm and it has given him the motivation to make the most out of what life has given him.

When it came time to get into the cider business, Jason could not think of three better qualities needed to break into the quickly growing industry and the name came naturally.

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